Synonyms and related words:
acceptance, adynamia, airiness, anemia, ascent, atony, blah feeling, bloodlessness, bubbliness, buoyancy, cachexia, cachexy, carelessness, chicken-liveredness, chickenheartedness, clemency, clementness, commodiousness, compassion, convenience, cowardice, cowardliness, coziness, cullibility, cushioniness, daintiness, debilitation, debility, deceivability, decrescendo, delicacy, dimness, doughiness, down, downiness, dullness, dupability, easiness, easygoingness, ethereality, etiolation, faintheart, faintheartedness, faintness, fatigue, fear, feeblemindedness, feebleness, filminess, fine-grainedness, fineness, flabbiness, flaccidity, flatness, fleshiness, floatability, fluff, fluffiness, foaminess, fondness, forbearance, forbearing, forcelessness, friendliness, frothiness, fuzz, fuzziness, gentleness, gossameriness, greenness, gullibility, henheartedness, hoaxability, homelikeness, homeliness, homeyness, hospitality, humaneness, humanity, impotence, impotency, imprecision, impuissance, indifference, indistinctness, infirmity, ingenuousness, lack of weight, languishment, languor, lassitude, laxity, laxness, lenience, leniency, lenientness, lenity, levitation, levity, lightness, lily-liveredness, listlessness, looseness, loosening, lowness, luxuriousness, mashiness, mercifulness, mercy, mildness, milksopism, milksoppiness, milksoppishness, moderateness, mushiness, naiveness, naivete, naivety, negligence, overindulgence, overpermissiveness, pastel, pastel color, pastiness, patience, peace, peacefulness, peach fuzz, permissiveness, persuadability, pigeonheartedness, pithiness, pity, power vacuum, powerlessness, prostration, pubescence, pulpiness, pulpousness, refinement, relaxation, relaxedness, remissness, reposefulness, restfulness, roominess, satin, satininess, seduceability, silk, silkiness, simpleness, simplicity, slackness, sloppiness, sluggishness, smoothness, snugness, soft color, softheartedness, sponginess, squashiness, strengthlessness, subaudibility, subduedness, subtle color, succulence, tender feeling, tenderheartedness, tenderness, timidity, timidness, timorousness, tolerance, unclearness, unheaviness, unmanfulness, unmanliness, unrestraint, unsophistication, velvet, velvetiness, volatility, warm heart, warmheartedness, warmness, weak-mindedness, weakheartedness, weakliness, weakness, weariness, weightlessness, yeastiness, yellowness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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